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Bamboo Steamer and Chopsticks

Bamboo Steamer and Chopsticks

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When you want something a little lighter—freshly steamed dumplings, fish, greens, and the like—we’ve got you (and your ingredients) covered with this traditional bamboo steamer. It works best atop the stir fry pan: just fill the bottom of the pan with water, place the steamer in the pan, and, as the water heats up, the rising steam will be funneled through your ingredients. Once you're done cooking, use it as a serving tray that you can bring right to the table.

Comes with a matching pair of bamboo chopsticks.



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Steamer: 10'' diameter
Chopsticks: 13'' long

Care Instructions

Steamer: Soak and rinse with hot water to clean. Allow to dry completely before storing.

Chopsticks: Hand wash only with mild soap and warm water. Air dry until completely moisture-free. Store your reusable bamboo chopsticks in a clean, dry, covered place.

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A bamboo steamer is a traditional tool that helps lock in moisture as your food cooks (and look gorgeous while doing it). No splattering oil, steaming delivers perfectly tender veggies, flavorful fish, and of course dumplings and pot stickers with delectably chewy edges.