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Carbon Steel Stir Fry Pan With Detachable Wood Handle

Carbon Steel Stir Fry Pan With Detachable Wood Handle

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Harness the cooking power of a wok, along with the convenience of a dependable skillet, with this expertly designed stir fry pan. Perfect for quick, weeknight meals, the pan’s high-walled sides evenly distribute heat and make it easy to toss and combine ingredients. The flat bottom also means it can be used on any stovetop, and the detachable wooden handle lets it double as an easy-to-store serving dish.


    Carbon Steel, wood, metal

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    12'' diameter

    Care Instructions

    Care: hand wash only

    To season: Start by cleaning off the protective factory oil. Next,
    heat over high heat till smoking. Allow the pan to cool before coating
    the inside with a thin layer of vegetable oil. Heat the pan again till
    smoking on all sides. Rinse with hot water, wipe dry, and heat over the
    stove again to evaporate any remaining liquid.

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    Stir-frying is an ancient dry-heat cooking method that involves cooking small pieces of food in a wok over extremely high heat. Thousands of years later, stir-fry dishes are still extremely popular for many wonderful reasons. It's an easy way to incorporate more veggies in your diet, it's a one-pan meal (less dishes!), and it's so versatile.