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Ramen Bowl and Spoon - Set of 2

Ramen Bowl and Spoon - Set of 2

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Ramen can be so much more than just the meal that got you through the college years. Give your ramen an upgrade with this gorgeous bowl and spoon set. This set of ceramic bowls with elegant, minimalist, ceramic bowls are extra large to help ensure you reach what's known in Japanese culture as the "golden proportion" - a guideline that states a bowl of ramen should only be filled to 80% of its capacity. The wooden spoons make it easy to sip on the delicious ramen broth. And this set of two is perfect for sharing your perfect ramen concoction with a friend!


Ceramic Bowls, Bamboo Spoons

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Bowl: 3'' height x 7.5'' diameter
Spoon: 8.5'' long x 3'' diameter

Care Instructions

Bowls are dishwasher safe. Spoons are hand wash only.

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Ramen is so much more than the food that gets people through rent week.
The Japanese dish traditionally consists of wheat noodles, broth, an
infinitely mutable seasoning base called tare, and optional toppings. There’s almost no limit to the styles and ingredients that can comfortably sit under the ramen banner.