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Vietnamese Coffee Collection

Vietnamese Coffee Collection

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Say hello to quality brews that vitalize your mornings.

Savor Vietnam’s famously bold roasts with a few stylish accessories. Using a stainless steel phin filter is the traditional method for brewing coffee in Vietnam.

These filters produce a single-cup, bold and slowly brewed roast that’s worth the wait. When paired with dark roast Vietnamese beans (coarsely ground), using a phin filter produces a rich drink that can be even bolder than your average espresso. 

Set of 2 Glasses

These glass mugs will stand out in a ceramic forest of coffee cups. Better yet, they give you ​​an unobstructed view of the rich, caramel-colored swirl as your coffee and milk blend.

Set of 2 Phin Filters and Gunmetal Spoons

Beyond the beans, what makes Vietnamese coffee shine is the use of a Phin filter. A Phin sets up for a slower brewing process that produces rich (and highly caffeinated) coffee. We’re throwing in two phin filters and two spoons, for sharing.


      Glass, Stainless Steel

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      Glass Coffee Mugs: 12 oz

      Care Instructions

      All items are dishwasher safe, but handwash recommended. Glasses are microwave safe.

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      Making Vietnamese Coffee

      How to Make:

      1.) Boil water. 

      2.) Add 3 tablespoons of condensed milk to a cup. 

      3.) Place the Phin Filter on top of glass and put 5 teaspoons of ground coffee into it. 

      4.) Press the strainer on top of coffee grounds. 

      5.) Pour in 20ml hot water and leave 30 seconds, then fill up filter 2/3 with boiling water. 

      6.) The coffee will slowly drip into the cup – 5 minutes. (NOTE: If you have whole beans, adjust the grind size as needed, either speed up or slow down dripping.)

      7.) Stir the hot coffee and the sweetened condensed milk (or just sugar if drinking black). Pour over ice in a tall glass. 

      8.) ENJOY